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May 03, 2018 · L76 Truck Engine Specs: Performance, Bore & Stroke, Cylinder Heads, Cam Specs & More. The L76 is a 6.0L, Gen. 4, aluminum small block engine used in both GM cars and trucks from 2007 to 2009. This article is dedicated specifically to the truck and SUV version of the L76 engine. Jul 13, 2016 · See all 59 photos 8 Further replicating the exciting L78 experience, Comp Cams offers a line of hydraulic and solid Factory Muscle flat tappet cams ground to OE specs (PN 11-106-3). With 0.520/0 ... Jul 25, 2016 · Both the L79 327 and L46 350 were essentially hydraulic-lifter versions of their solid-lifter cousins. In the case of the smaller 327, the L79 was essentially a solid-lifter L76 (365-hp 327) with a cam swap. These two mouse motors shared the small-chamber, big-valve (fuelie) heads and aluminum high-rise intake. вот вариант модернизации твоего двигателя L67 series II This is little more then a suggestion of the order to MOD your engine.Small Block Chevy V8 - SBC - Engine Specifications The small block Chevy engine is the most common V8 engine out there to add performance upgrades to. Production for the typical small block started in 1957 and is still being used today. Due to the long production run, a few different versions and displacements were available. Small Block Chevy ... 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Split-Window Coupe 327 L76 V8 4 Speed Manual Classic Vin ... And so the way this valuable engine fires up makes it the ideal balance of ... Mar 26, 2007 · So, it was in 1965 that the hot hydraulic cam, L79 327 engine first appeared in the Corvette and the Chevelle. For the record, the L76, 365hp 327 outsold the 350hp L79 in the Corvette, 5011 to... GM Powertrain OEM Sales is one of the largest automotive suppliers offering engines and transmissions for Marine, Industrial, On and Off-Road applications. anyone know the piston to deck clearance on a stock LS2 and LS3 engine? I'm trying to calculate compression ratios. thinking about putting an ls3 block into my gto w/ 317 heads. Feb 27, 2010 · I went searching for some specs of that cam and the 350 horse 350 L-82 cam. Credit goes to the Corvette site. OEM #3863151, 350 HP, L-79, 327 WG-996 (Cam only) WG-996Kg 151H Hyd C 222 222 306 306.447 .447 110/118 OEM #3896962, 350 HP, L-82, 350 WG-1170 (Cam only) WG-1170Kg 962H Hyd C 224 224 292 288.450 .459 115/113 Said to be GM's updated version of the 350HP/327 cam. Supposedly redesigned for more bottom end and to work with lower compression than the L79 had (advertised at 11:1 but experienced engine builders report it left the factory with much closer to 10.5:1). There are a few magazine builds using the updated cam with Vortec heads. We are very confident this car came with a 340 hp solid lifter 327. This is awesome news. Clues include 1) the Heater Delete option was only available on cars intended for racing or export (suggests a high performance engine), 2) the car has a 6500 rpm red line on the tachometer which was used only on the 340 hp carbureted and 360 hp fuel injected engines, 3) performance sintered metallic ... Oct 27, 2014 · SDPC: LS 327/327 Base Upgrade Option, part no. 19165628. The GMT800 series trucks came with the 5.3L (327 ci) LS from the factory, and GM sold a whole bunch of them. To bump up the horsepower and torque curves, Chevrolet upgrades the production engine with a higher-torque cam and Grafel-coated high silicon pistons. the base 327 engine in the vette had 250hp at the crank at 4400RPM. the 350 that was in the boat to begin with had about 285hp at the crank the 327 came with 10.5:1 in the base and L75 and 11.25:1 in the L76. both of which will be too high in a boat with pump gas May 24, 2015 - DVD Talk publishes no-nonsense movie news and information about home media, including - reviews, columns, interviews, and discussion areas. 1963 Engine Options & Specifications. NA. Base. L75. L76. L84 . Bore. 4.00 in. Stroke. 3.25 in. Displacement. 327 ci . Compression Ratio. 10.5:1. 10.5:1. 11.25:1. 11.25:1 . Horsepower. 250 bhp @ 4,400 rpm. 300 bhp @ 5,000 rpm. 340 bhp @ 6,000 rpm. 360 bhp @ 6,000 rpm . Torque. 350 lb-ft. @ 2,800 rpm The 1963 Corvette carried over the engines from the previous model year with four verisons of its 327 cubic inch engines: 327 ci 250 hp base engine 327 ci 300 (L75) 327 ci 340 (L76) 327 ci 360 (L84) FI. Regular Production Options: Chevrolet Performance LS-Series Engine Valve Springs Show Product Info Chevrolet Performance LS-series Valve Springs are designed, manufactured and tested to keep the correct seat and open pressures on the intake and exhaust valves for a variety of cylinder head applications. Corvette people look for the L76 motor because it offers the most power without upgrading to fuel injection. So it's great to have the numbers-matching block still in the car today. The engine bay has a clean and well-kept look, and there have been recent investments to keep this a strong running machine, including updating the four-barrel ... 22)RM76H30FA-L04.
Sep 27, 2018 · Read the article in the link. Edit: I meant the 1975 L76 327 vs. the 1969 Chevy 302, and the 1969 Boss 302 vs. the 1971 Boss 351. I don't know why I said 327 vs. 350. I was looking at the engines with same cams and basically the same heads.

Feb 06, 2010 · Engine Mechanical Specifications (L76) * Engine Type V8 * Displacement 5976 cu cm 364 cu in * RPO L76 * Bore 101.618-101.636 mm 4.0007-4.0017 in * Stroke 92.0 mm 3.622 in * Compression Ratio 9.67:1 * Firing Order 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3 * Active Fuel Management Cylinders 1-4-6-7 * Spark Plug Gap 1.02 mm 0.04 in Block * Camshaft Bearing Bore 1 and 5 Diameter 59.58-59.63 mm

The Chevrolet L76 327 CID top end carbureted V8 engine produced 365 HP at 3,200 RPM. Its bore and stroke is 4 ... Engine Diagram 1960 Ford Engine 352 CI Specs | It

Engine Size 327 L76 V8 Transmission 4 Speed Manual Description; Specs; Engine Engine Size 327 L76 V8 Body Body Color Silver Blue Basic Year 1963 Make Chevrolet

The Chevrolet L76 327 CID top end carbureted V8 engine produced 365 HP at 3,200 RPM. Its bore and stroke is 4 inches by 3.25 inches with a torque rating of 350 foot-pounds at 4,000 rpm. The compression ratio is 11:1 with a compression rating of 140 pounds per square inch. 327 365 HP Engine Specifications | It Still Runs The Chevrolet small-block engine is a series of V8 automobile engines used

The label contains the engine model number (i.e. 3.0L, 4.3L, 5.7L, etc.) and a serial number which identifies the engine from other GM Powertrain engines provided by Power Solutions, Inc. The engine model and serial number are required when seeking information...

The L76 was the second most powerful Corvette Stingray offered in 1965. The variant featured, 327 cubic inch, 365 horsepower, with mechanical (solid) valve lifters, special high lift camshaft, 11:1 compression ratio, forged steel crankshaft, high rise aluminum manifold, Holley R2818A car-buretor, 80-pound oil pressure gauge, 6500 rpm tachometer ...

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Open Flight Page. 1L327. Engine Type. Aircraft Category.Engine Casting Number: 3782870 - Casting Code C25; Engine Number: 5112480; Build Date: March 15, 1965; Engine: 327 C.I. Small Block - L76 - 365 HP - Solid Lifter - Transistorized Ignition; Transmission: Muncie (M20) Close-ration 4-speed; Differential: 3:70; Factory Headers (2 1/2") and Factory Side Exhaust; Power Brakes - No Power Steering